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Information Security

Find out more about Sphera EC4P’s Information Security procedures, best practices and download our latest policies

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Your Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) compliance data, taken care of

Sphera EC4P is committed to maintaining Information Security through responsible management, appropriate use and protection in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements and our agreements. We know information security is important to our customers so we’ve designed our data systems in-line with security best practices and guidelines.

We have also partnered with many industry leading data security providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Digital Ocean (DO) and Cloudflare which you can find more information about on this page. Or you can download our latest Information Security Policy as a PDF.

Information Security Policy (PDF)

Partners & Providers

Joining companies such as Netflix, LinkedIn and Adobe, Sphera EC4P is delivered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This allows our customers to benefit from highly available, secure and continuously improved cloud based software.

In addition to the cloud based tooling provided by AWS, Sphera EC4P uses supplementary server infrastructure provided by Digital Ocean. This increases the reliability, security and fail safe availability of our Cloud Based platform and has ensured a 99.9% uptime over the life of our system.

Sphera EC4P is built on top of the enterprise code framework, Laravel. Using this framework and its related development and delivery tooling ensures that our customers receive the most up-to-date, technically sound software that is available in todays fast moving technology environment. We love it!

Sphera EC4P uses Cloudflare for an extra layer of web application level and network security. Cloudflare provides Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, DDoS mitigation, Web Application Firewall (WAF) protection and distributed domain-name-server services.


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