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Germany Packaging Self-Registration Guide

December 3rd, 2018

A new packaging law in Germany - VerpackG - was approved last year and replaces the previous Packaging Law in Germany – VerpackV - as of 01 January 2019.

All manufacturers/first distributors of packaging, including packaged goods, must register with the new government authority, Zentrale Stelle, through a web-platform, LUCID, prior to placing any packaging on the market in Germany. Producers are required to complete LUCID registration by 01 January 2019. Your company could be subjected to significant fines in Germany of up to €200,000 for failing to register and €10,000 for any missed declarations.

Self-Registration Guide

The new law prohibits companies from transferring the registration and reporting obligations to a third-party (i.e. compliance schemes or consultancies) – they can be prepared by competent third parties but the ultimate responsibility lies with the manufacturer/first distributor to complete the registration.

To ensure that you complete the registration successfully and therefore reduce the risk of affecting your product sales in Germany, EC4P has prepared a guide which provides detailed instructions on how you can carry out the LUCID registration for your company.