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Packaging Regulation Enforcement - Is your company at risk?

July 30th, 2020

Companies face resource challenges to understand their legal exposure in each of the EU 28 Member States. As well as being responsible for managing compliance registration, recycling and reporting obligations companies need to keep up to date with the ever-changing regulations in each country. Furthermore, developments in the EU Circular Economy Package mean that companies based outside of the EU but which are selling products into Europe (distance selling) are increasingly likely to be obligated under the packaging regulations in each country.

If your company sells packaged products into or across Europe, ensuring you comply with the requirements in each country can be a daunting task with a range of risks for non-compliance in each instance from monetary fines to criminal prosecutions and even imprisonment.

Download EC4P's free guide to ensure you are aware of the risks of packaging regulation non-compliance. Contents includes:

  • What is the EU Packaging Directive?

  • Is my company a packaging “producer”?

  • What are my company’s responsibilities as a packaging producer?

  • Packaging regulation enforcement examples

  • Obligated distance sales of packaging

  • Developments in packaging legislation