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FLIR wins 2019 Verdantix Innovation Award for implementing Sphera EC4P

October 7th, 2019
How does an award-winning company manage WEEE, Batteries and Packaging recycling compliance? FLIR has won the 2019 Verdantix Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Innovation Award for implementing Sphera’s EC4P web-based system to guarantee compliance to 47 WEEE, Batteries and Packaging recycling regulations across 25 countries.

About FLIR 

Marketed as ‘The World’s Sixth Sense’, FLIR is a world leader in the design and manufacture of innovative, high-performance machine vision digital cameras for professional-use applications, including:

  • Government & Military 
  • Measurement & Diagnostics
  • Advanced Threat Detection
  • Video Analytics 
  • Security
  • R&D
  • Professional Tools 

Verdantix Innovation Awards

Verdantix is an independent research firm with a focus on innovative technologies. Verdantix's EHS Innovation Awards recognise people and organisations that are instrumental in launching successful and innovative environmental, health and safety technologies which facilitate the delivery of superior results.

FLIR's award winning compliance strategy using Sphera's EC4P

FLIR won in the Technology & Communications category of the Verdantix Innovation Awards for implementing Sphera's www.EC4P.com web-based system to manage product registration, sales reporting and recycling fee payments. The initiative began in FLIR’s Integrated Imaging Solutions division and was quickly adopted by the rest of the organization. The centralized, corporate-led compliance strategy enabled FLIR to benefit from lower recycling fees for easier-to-recycle products and packaging materials as well as providing compliance arrangements for a greater number and type of products as the WEEE recycling regulations increased in scope.

FLIR values the convenience of using only one portal (www.EC4P.com) to submit all data needed to comply with WEEE, Batteries and Packaging recycling regulations across Europe. Instead of having to understand and complete different recycling reporting forms for each waste type in each country, EC4P uses one standard format to gather FLIR's product sales data and then EC4P translates the data into the different reporting formats required by each country.

Regulatory deadlines do not need to be monitored internally. The www.EC4P.com website automatically sends email reminders for approaching deadlines and escalates email chains to senior management if required. When FLIR personnel login to www.EC4P.com, they see their regulatory deadlines displayed in a traffic light style. FLIR personnel can also choose to display regulatory deadlines in a calendar format, which shows how deadlines are distributed on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

FLIR also values that they have a dedicated account manager within EC4P to manage their account and answer any questions that they have, rather than various people that they need to contact depending on the country. All EC4P employees have expert knowledge of all regulatory requirements across Europe. 

What FLIR have to say

“We are happy to have partnered with EC4P for our company’s WEEE, batteries & packaging compliance needs. With ever-changing regulations, compliance is always a moving target. EC4P's knowledge and expertise allow us to stay up-to-date with these regulations and meet our compliance responsibilities.”

Cindy Tachihara, Compliance Specialist, FLIR

 “FLIR and Sphera have been working closely together to enable FLIR customers to send their waste electronics, batteries and product packaging to carefully selected, cost-effective waste management companies around Europe for responsible recycling.”

“I am pleased to see the teams at FLIR Integrated Imaging Solutions and our parent organisation get recognised for their hard work and innovative efforts.”

Serge Goldenberg, General Manager, FLIR

For more information about the Sphera EC4P system that FLIR implemented and how the system can be implemented for your company, please contact EC4P.