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Global Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Regs – Are B2B products in scope?

September 14th, 2020

There is an increasing number of e-waste, batteries and packaging EPR regulations which have been implemented across the world. Some countries outside of the EU have limited the product scope of their EPR regulations to consumer use (B2C) products such as white goods, TVs and IT equipment. However, producers should be aware that several countries also include professional use (B2B) products within the product scope of their EPR regulations.

Many other countries are extending the product scope of their existing EPR regulations, resulting in even more producers being obligated under these laws.

Did you know:

  • Several non-EU countries (such as Turkey and Israel) have implemented EPR regulations which cover the same scope of products as the EU WEEE Directive 2012/19/EU. Therefore, if your products fall in scope within the EU, they will be in scope in these countries
  • In Russia and South Korea, mandatory collection targets and recycling rates must be met by producers of both B2B and B2C equipment – fines will be issued if these targets are not met
  • In Australia, producers can be fined up to AUD 55,000 for not being a member of an approved system