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Global EPR updates and SUP bans in North America & Asia Pacific

October 15th, 2021

Maine and Oregon are the first states to enact Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) laws for packaging with immediate obligations for producers in North America. The new regulations target most types of packaging and require producers to register with and pay into stewardship organizations. These state-wide EPR laws are the first of many expected across the US in the near future.
Did you know:

  • Over half of the US States and 12 of 13 Canadian provinces and territories have e-waste EPR regulations.

  • In addition to Main and Oregon, there are a further eight states, which are part of the EPR for Packaging Network, expected to publish draft EPR packaging legislation this year.

  • Ontario has introduced an individual producer responsibility (IPR) model, which places all financial and operational obligations on producers, making them directly responsible for collecting and recycling packaging they put on the market.

  • Manufacturers face fines of up to $3 million CAD and $1 million USD for non-compliance with e-waste (WEEE), batteries and packaging regulations across Canada and the USA.

Additionally, with new Plastics Recycling legislation in Japan and Single-use Plastic (SUP) bans, fines and scope increases in India, Australia and New Zealand, manufacturers face significant challenges to stay on top of global recycling regulations in 2021.