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Recycling Compliance in Asia: Hong Kong E-waste

October 11th, 2018
As trading control on end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment tightens, many new product recycling regulations have been adopted or amended in the last couple of years in Asia. Manufacturers must meet the requirements of these regulations in order to protect product sales in these countries. Join our free webinars on Thursday 25 October to hear how to meet the new e-waste requirements in Hong Kong and manage product recycling compliance in Asia.

Did you know:
  • In Hong Kong, companies must register with the Environmental Protection Department by the deadline of the 1 August 2018 under the new WEEE Producer Responsibility Scheme (WPRS)
  • Companies who fail to comply with the new WPRS requirements in Hong Kong are liable to receive a penalty of up to a 100,000 HKD (USD 12,800) for their first offence and a penalty of up to 200,000 HKD (USD 25,500) for their second offence
  • In Japan, the maximum fine under the Law for Promotion of Effective Utilization of Resources is 500,000 JP¥ (USD 4,400). A fine of up to 300,000 JP¥ (USD 2,600) can be issued under the Promotion of Recycling of Small WEEE Act for failing to report or making a false report or refusing inspection from a ministry official