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USA E-waste, Batteries & Packaging Compliance

November 1st, 2017
Manufacturers who want to sell electrical and electronic products in the USA must understand and comply with an ever-increasing number of Federal and State Laws governing E-waste and Batteries producer registration, collection, recycling and reporting.

Some of the compliance challenges facing manufacturers who sell their products in the USA include:

  • 25 States have implemented E-waste Laws, with differences between States in product types falling in-scope and with variations as to whether consumer as well as business-use products are covered
  • As well as Federal Law governing Batteries management at end-of-life, 9 States have enacted their own Laws which include Batteries take-back and recycling obligations. There are significant differences between the Laws in each of these nine States, including how to comply with Batteries collection and recycling requirements

Furthermore, several States including New York, California, Indiana and Rhode Island have prepared draft Packaging Laws which may place similar obligations on manufacturers to finance the costs of packaging recycling.

Fines for non-compliance in the USA can be significant. In 2014, California fined AT&T $52 million for unlawfully dumping electronic waste.

Watch EC4P's webinar to find out more about the WEEE (e-waste), Batteries & Packaging compliance challenges companies are increasingly having to navigate in the USA.